About Process Industries Consultants

Process Industries Consultants offers chemical engineering insights to the chemical/biotech/materials industries: we emphasize: process development,
process commercialization, process scale-up (from lab to pilot plant to full production).

We also develop White Papers, Marketing Studies, and support Private Equity and Investment Theses by evaluating possible take-over targets.

Our Vision

Process Industries Consultants will provide best-in-class process development and new product expertise in the chemical, materials, biotech, and Greentech arenas.

Our Mission Statement

Process Industries Consultants builds on our almost 50 years of process/product/materials expertise to provide economical and sustainable solutions to our clients’ process, product, Greentech, and EHS issues

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Joel Shertok (1)
Meet The Founder


Joel Shertok (1)

As a practicing Chemical Engineering/Materials Consultant, Dr. Joel Shertok’s expertise is in New Product Development, Commercial Manufacturing and Chemical Process Optimization. Dr. Shertok has leveraged his deep background in multiple technologies, chemistries and varied unit operations to develop programs to create profitable new products, resins, intermediates and processes.

Dr. Shertok has developed novel products over multiple technologies: specialty chemicals (polymers, polymerization coatings), carbon fiber composites, biotech-based nutritionals, membrane filtration, ion exchange and carbon based separations and formulation development.

As a senior Process/Product Development executive, Dr. Shertok has been involved in the decision making processes that go into the creation of new product/process strategies.

Dr. Shertok’s recent consulting activities include:

  • NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) Entrepreneur In Residence – advising start-up companies in BioTech and Chemical synthesis in commercializing their processes.
  • Commercializing a nano-metal synthesis process for a start-up nanotech company
  • Creating Marketing Studies in such fields as reverse osmosis, water treatment chemicals, pollution abatement, adhesives, water filtration.
  • Developing/commercializing a fermentation process using bamboo as a feedstock to make bioethanol and related biofuels.
  • Applications of Machine Learning for process optimization.
  • Scaling-up and commercializing a novel process to make proprietary electrolytes for Li batteries
  • Supporting expansion of a commercial software company in process optimization and a start-up pharmaceutical diagnostic lab.
  • Commercialization of a media for selenium removal from scrubber water.

Dr. Shertok received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey and his B.E., Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union, New York, New York. He has numerous patents. Dr. Shertok served as a Visiting Scholar in the School of Chemistry and Materials Science at RIT. He has numerous patents in a variety of purification technologies – filtration, carbon blocks, etc.

Turning Insight into Action

Working with Process Industries Consultants allows our clients to achieve improved profitability, more efficient plant operations, new products, and better insights into their operations.