Long-lasting hair dyes are popular, and their safety has been well researched. But new epidemiology studies show their use correlates with increased risk of breast cancer.

For those whose preferred hair color does not come from Mother Nature, some kind of synthetic solution is in order, and if the salons are closed, a boxed dye from the drugstore may be the next best thing.

The most high-performance products are permanent colors, which rely on reactive dyes. They last for several weeks, or until new growth requires reapplication. And permanent color is the only option for those who want to lighten dark hair by a few shades or color gray hair, says Oregon hair stylist Caryn Pozorski.

Pozorski’s clients ask a lot of questions about hair color. One question that stylists rarely get is whether coloring hair comes with any long-term health risks—but that may change.

Two recent studies by epidemiologists who looked at data gathered from large cohorts of women found that the use of hair color products correlates with an increased risk of developing breast cancer, particularly in black women.


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