Case Studies

In this section, Dr. Joel Shertok addresses a variety of projects he has contributed on in the past.

Commercialization of Carbon Blocks

Process Industries Consultants was called in by a major industrial supplier to develop a plan for the commercialization of carbon blocks (powdered carbon + thermoplastic resin), both from an economic and technical perspective.  Based on the open literature and Process Industries Consultants’ background in carbon block manufacture, a technical and economic study was developed demonstrating a viable path forward for the company.

Technical Assessment and Evaluation

Process Industries Consultants was requested by a Marketing Agency to develop, for a third party, a White Paper and Marketing Study on the future of remote sensing application – a technical assessment and an evaluation of future uses for both LIDAR and remote Optical sensors. Process Industries Consultants conducted research based on open literature to develop a multipage evaluation of both technologies, to assess both the technologies themselves and to demonstrate a path forward. This was presented to the client to guide his strategy.

Investment Thesis on Water Filtration Market

In support of a request from a Private Equity firm, Process Industries Consultants developed an Investment Thesis based upon the current state of the Water Filtration market. The Thesis looked at the current state of the technologies, the governing economics, and the major and minor players in the arena, and where meaningful combinations could be achieved. The Thesis demonstrated that additional significant combinations of smaller filtration companies could be done, resulting in economies of scale and improved profitability.

Filtration Evaluation and Optimization

A major medical device firm wanted to extend and expand its laparoscopic surgery options by improving the performance of the filter systems that removed smoke generated during the operation of the laser systems.  Process Industries Consultants was contacted by the Company to evaluate current filter systems and to recommend improved technologies and media.  Manufacturers of advanced filter media systems were contacted, and their recommended medias were identified and evaluated.  Recommendations were then made to the Company.

Survey and Recommend State of the Art Bactericides

A manufacturer of robotic floor cleaning systems needed to develop a bacterial growth suppressant system so that its systems would not grow moldy between uses. Process Industries Consultants was contacted by the Company to survey and recommend state of the art bactericides that could suppress bacteria/mold growth. Companies who were leaders in this arena were surveyed and their offerings evaluated. A recommendation was made to the company and implemented.