Aligning Process Expertise, Innovative Thinking & Novel Scale-Up Strategies to Achieve Growth in your Business.

Providing Process Insight, Technical Expertise, and Innovative Commercialization Strategies to furnish your Chemical, Materials, BioTech and related process arenas with a foundation for superior growth.

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Process Industries Consultants offers a variety of services to the chemical/biotech/materials industries: we emphasize: process development,
process commercialization, process scale-up (from lab to pilot plant to full production).

We also develop White Papers, Marketing Studies, and support Private Equity and Investment Theses by evaluating possible take-over targets.

Case Studies

Commercialization of Carbon Blocks

Process Industries Consultants was called in by a major industrial supplier to develop a plan for the commercialization of carbon blocks (powdered carbon + thermoplastic resin), both from an economic and technical perspective.  Based on the open literature and Process Industries Consultants’ background in carbon block manufacture, a technical and economic study was developed demonstrating a viable path forward for the company.

Technical Assessment and Evaluation

Process Industries Consultants was requested by a Marketing Agency to develop, for a third party, a White Paper and Marketing Study on the future of remote sensing application – a technical assessment and an evaluation of future uses for both LIDAR and remote Optical sensors. Process Industries Consultants conducted research based on open literature to develop a multipage evaluation of both technologies, to assess both the technologies themselves and to demonstrate a path forward. This was presented to the client to guide his strategy.

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Joel Shertok, founder of Process Industries Consultants, discusses Process Commercialization

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