Do You Own a Home-Based Business?

There are now more than 30 million small companies in the United States. Moreover, home-based businesses account for half of these. Additionally, almost 70 percent of today’s startup owners launch and operate their businesses in the home.

There are some major advantages that make home-based businesses so popular. Most people love the idea of eliminating their commute and working from the comfort of their own home, for example. What’s more, many enjoy the increased work independence, financial gain, and personal satisfaction.

While the advantages are clear, one common issue facing at-home business owners is the difficulty of keeping their work and personal lives separated. If you are running a business from your home, or thinking about launching one, consider the following strategies for achieving a happy balance between work and play.

Create a Separate Work Space

When you run a business from your home, you also have the flexibility of working anywhere. Having options is great, but it can cause problems. If you allow yourself to work from the local coffee shop or park, you may find that your productivity starts to suffer.

nstead, increase your chances for success by establishing a set work space inside your home that is separate from the family’s living space. It doesn’t have to be large and stately as long as it gives you the privacy and quiet you need to stay focused and productive.

This offers the additional benefit of reducing any possible distractions. It’s easy to be tempted by personal obligations when they are right in front of you. If you can see the sink of dirty dishes or hear your teenagers discussing the latest news, it’s impossible not to get sidetracked.

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